WWelcome to the bold part of the web… the part that doesn’t follow the herd; that doesn’t listen to convention; that doesn’t do things just because people said it should. This is the part of the web that, when told of common practices, responds with the question why?… the part of the web that considers rules to be friendly suggestions, and thus allowed to be conveniently avoided… the part of the web that knows no boundaries or limits…

Welcome to the part of the web that gets things done.

Slaruva’s philosophy is simple, effective, and powerful results. We work to make an impact everywhere it counts… whether you need a simple and quick solution to get you going or require the utmost attention to every little detail of your complex project, with Slaruva you will get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t.

We deal in reality… would you want anything else?

As much as we love to be optimistic, at heart we are realists… From the very beginning of any project our minds are calculating what will need to happen, how it will be accomplished, and when it will be done. There are no bureaucratic time-sinks where we come from… so you can be sure of our efficiency whether we’re solving your complex ecommerce needs or supporting your local artwork via a portfolio.

Slaruva, LLC is a small company specializing in web development and design, located in the Philadelphia area.

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