Yes, we do still exist!

Come down on Thursdays at Hess Labs to learn more about Drexel FSAE. We are still around, contrary to popular belief, and we are still building a car. We’ll even be driving it (the old one, not the new one we’re building) sometime this November!

It’s still the middle garage door around the back of Hess. Here’s a map if you’re confused:

View Hess Labs in a larger map

Come around anytime. We’ll have something for you to do.

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Interested in FSAE?

Come join us down in Hess Labs on 6pm Thursday nights! The building is located on 34th and Lancaster across the street from 7-11. The entrance is around the back, middle of the 3 garage doors.

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Warminster SCCA Run

Enjoy a small video from the driver’s seat of the DR11 car at Warminster with the Philly SCCA:

Drexel FSAE – Warminster, Philly SCCA from Steve Pierson on Vimeo.

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Get involved!

Meetings are Thursday nights at 7pm in the shop. We’re open to all majors and backgrounds. Send us an email at for more information!

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